YouTube channel management, content distribution and outside-the-box
revenue solutions ‐ all from a friendly multi-channel community.

No Contract

When you join out network you don't need to sign a contract, there are no contracts at all, you can even join another network.

100% Revenue

Unlike traditional networks, we're not after your AdSense revenue. We don't take a cut of your revenue, all of your earnings go to you.

No YouTube CMS

We don't take control of your channel using the YouTube Content Management System. You stay in full control.

Full Ownership

We take nothing. You retained all ownership and intellectual property rights of you videos. It's your content always.

Content Distribution

We'll promote your videos across our network in email newsletters and through our syndicated video portal website.

Channel Management

We offer premium help and support on an ongoing basis to help you maximise the effectiveness of your content.

We're Not Like Other Networks

We are not YouTube Multi-Channel Network, we're the first and only multi-channel community. A place where you can grow your channel and subscriber base, increase your views and produce better content as part of a friendly online community.

The main thing people want from a YouTube network is to increase their view count but no one can give you free views, that's something all YouTubers need to work on themselves. That's where Play Square comes in, we can help you increase those crucial metrics by giving you access to free tools, resources and a community to support you.

We offer all the best bits of an MCN but we don't take a share of your AdSense money in order offer it to you.

When you sign up to Play Square, we don't take control of your channel, we don't take your revenue, we don't tie you in to a contract but we do connect you with other YouTube Creators who can help you grow as well as give you the tools to make great content.

What We Have To Offer

We want to help YouTube Creators grow their channels.

YouTube Consultation

We can help you grow your audience with an in-depth review of your channel.

Channel Management

Get dedicated, on-going help from one of our experienced talent managers.

Creators' Network

Our Community Dashboard gives YouTubers a platform to help them grow.

YouTube Video End Cards

We can produce static or animated end board design for your YouTube videos.

YouTube Custom Thumbnails

We can create custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

Content Distribution

We can expose your content to new audiences through the Play Square network.










Meet some of the awesome Creators in our network.

Gamers & Geeks
  • Emily Segal
  • Higgypop
  • Kookytech
  • MushroomFleet
  • Popprince
  • Remel London
  • Rob Deering
  • Tiny Bag Productions
  • Toby DOlier


Whether you create vlogs, comedy shorts, original music, tutorials, let's play gaming videos, fashion and beauty shows, interviews or showbiz content, there's a place for you at Play Square.

We can help you grow your audience and subscriber base and help you increase your revenue through unique promotional opportunities.

Channel Management & Consultation

Get help and advice or dedicated support.

YouTube on iPad

Many YouTube networks make promises of increased views and channel growth but few networks get to the root of this and help with the optimisation of your YouTube presence to ensure that your channel and videos rank highly in video search results.

We can manage your YouTube channel for you and can also offer a one-off consultation service which not only focuses on video search optimisation but also the aesthetics of your channel design and video thumbnails.

We've previously worked with

Our team of YouTube experts have worked with some huge UK brands, charities, broadcasters and public figures.

Play Square's portfolio includes national radio brands, showbiz reporters and business networks but we can help any kind of organisation in any sector.

Capital FM
Every Woman
Rob Deering


We can promote your videos across our network.
Find out more about our content distribution strategy.

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Connecting Creators With Brands & Advertisers

We connect advertisers and brands with the audience that matters to them.

Targeted Brand Exposure

We connect advertisers and brands with the audience that matters to them by utilising our network of influential vloggers and digital content Creators on YouTube and social media.

Social Reach For Advertisers

The talented Creators in our network aren't confined to YouTube, their combined follower and fan base on social media platforms offers and powerful contact base. We can give you access to their fan bases.

Reach 18-24 Year Olds

18-24 year olds spend more time watching YouTube videos and consuming on demand content than any other demographic, with traditional, linear broadcasting falling to the wayside. Our platform enables you to reach this crucial audience.

Get Connected.

Stay connected with us through social networks.

Play Square TV

The best of our network.

Play Square TV is our audience facing portal where we promote the best of our members' videos as well as providing tools to easily share and distribute video content.

It's a great way to find up-and-coming talent, to find new channels to subscribe to and uncover the next viral video hit.

By becoming a member of our community, your content will automatically appear on Play Square TV and get promotion through this service and syndicated websites.

YouTube on iPad

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Everyone is eligible to join the Play Square community, it's free and there's no contracts sign...


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